Obrero Mundial 644, Col. Atenor Salas, CDMX, 03010 México




Accounting, tax and legal office in CDMX.

At AS Consulting Group, a member of SMS Latin America, we provide specialized solutions in accounting, tax advice, financial, legal, labor, foreign investment, occupational health and consulting to national and foreign companies in Mexico since 1991 and that guarantee the tranquility and growth of your business.

We are an accounting firm founded in 1991 in Mexico City with the objective of providing responsible accounting, tax, legal and administrative solutions to small and medium-sized foreign and national companies in Mexico.

Today we serve more than 400 clients, both national and foreign companies that have come to our country from different geographical points, which is why our AS International division was born, seeking to facilitate the process of foreign investment in our country. At present, 76% of our clients are of foreign nationality, such as the United States, Canada, England, South Korea, China, Israel, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, among others.

At present, we have developed nine divisions:

AS Accounting, with the aim of generating timely, accurate, solid and clear financial information to guarantee correct economic and fiscal decision-making.
AS Taxes, with the aim of developing tax strategies aligned with the drivers of your business, based on current regulatory compliance.
AS BPO, or service outsourcing, with the aim of offering a comprehensive payroll, social security, billing, outsourcing service to our clients hand in hand with specialists and thus minimizing errors, costs and risks.
AS International, whose main objective is to facilitate foreign investment processes in our country and thus achieve national business links.
AS Advisory, with the aim of providing an independent point of view on the correct accounting, tax, legal practice and the possible risks of our clients in accounting, tax, auditing and money laundering prevention matters.
AS Legal, offers legal services that help reduce the gap between business advisors and legal advisors
AS Technologies, dedicated to venturing the use of Information Technologies in our services and those of our clients
AS Xpert, dedicated to providing tax and accounting solutions for individuals in less than 24 hours and at a low cost, all through an innovative internet portal.
AS News, an electronic portal dedicated to generating its own, practical, specialized and simplified content in the field of business for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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